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Cribb – more housing offer

Find houses that are not yet on Funda.

Discover the unique housing offer on Cribb.

Are you looking for your new home? And don't you want to succeed via Funda? Then Cribb is for you. On Cribb you will find houses that are not for sale anywhere else. You will be the first to see these homes before they are available to the rest of the market. There is one rule of the game: your own house must also be on Cribb.

Buying and selling a house with Cirkl: via Echt Makelaars

If you are moving, you want the transfer of your old and new home to go smoothly. You are not waiting for double charges or a temporary rental home. So, buy first, then sell. But other buyers do too. This is how home seekers are waiting for each other. Cribb breaks that.

Participants put their house up for sale exclusively on Cribb. This is done through selected brokers. Echt Makelaars works together with Cribb and can therefore give you access to this unique housing platform.

Only members can view the houses and make a viewing appointment. You are finally at the front of the queue, without the risk of full viewing days and dozens of bids. At the same time, you sell your own home. You determine the sales conditions yourself. Together with Cribb we ensure that you have a problem-free transfer. This way you can buy your dream home with peace of mind even before your own home has been sold.

The benefits of Cribb:
– Signing up is free
– Secure and private messaging and bidding system
– Exclusive housing offer only for members
– Serious viewers and bids for your own home
– You determine your sales conditions yourself
– Moving without double charges or temporary housing
– Full guidance by Echt Makelaars


How does Cribb work?

In 6 steps to your new home

1. Create your free Cribb account via Echt Makelaars
Together we will see if Cribb is right for you. Yes? Then you can via Echt Makelaars create an account. We make good agreements in advance about our services when buying and selling your home.

2. We prepare your home for sale
Echt Makelaars helps you with the styling and presentation of your home, so that it is in tip-top shape online. And we provide advice on sales strategy and valuation. You can change the ad on Cribb at any time.

3. Put your home online and check the housing offer
As soon as your own home is listed on Cribb, you will have access to the full range of properties. Is a new house available that meets your housing needs? Then we will send you an email.

4. Plan the viewings yourself (without hassle)
You can plan viewings yourself via Cribb. A broker of Echt Makelaars helps you with that. We can guide you through viewings of your potential dream home, and we organize guided tours of viewers in your home.

5. Arrange the buying and selling in one process
You manage everything around the purchase and sale of your house yourself. In Cribb you can see the status of viewing appointments, bids and conditions. But you don't do it alone: ​​a real estate agent of Echt Makelaars helps and advises you during the negotiations.

6. Leave the rest to Echt Makelaars
Echt Makelaars helps you to arrange an optimal transfer. We draw up a (sales) contract and handle all legal obligations. You can always contact us for aftercare.

Houses you can't find anywhere else

How does it work?

How does Cribb work?