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Clear mortgage advice prevents nasty surprises

If you are going to buy or renovate a home, you probably cannot avoid it: a mortgage. The right choice is important for your future and can save tens of euros in your monthly payments. How nice is it if you have a reliable mortgage advisor behind you? Someone who is knowledgeable and who takes care of your finances while you are working on realizing your housing needs.

Why a mortgage advisor?

You can avoid disappointment by researching in advance what financial options you have. It is very annoying if you do not get the mortgage after you have already made an offer on your dream home. If you are well prepared, you can act faster, negotiate better and make more confident choices. In an overheated housing market, with many competitors, this can make the difference.

Is the reservation of financing always necessary? Can you get a bridging mortgage? What about renovation costs? Questions that a mortgage advisor is happy to answer for you. This way you can bid accurately and the selling party has the certainty that the sale will go ahead.

Mortgage advice in Alkmaar, just via ECHT Makelaars

We from Echt Makelaars & Taxateurs have an understanding of housing and the housing market. That is why we do not put ourselves in the shoes of a mortgage adviser, we only do what we are REALLY good at. We would like to offer our customers a complete service. That is why we work together with various independent mortgage advisers in the Alkmaar area. They each have their own specialism. Whether you are a starter or a transferee, entrepreneur, freelancer or flex worker: we will put you in touch with the right advisor.

Honest and objective mortgage advice

All our collaborating mortgage advisors are completely independent and do not work for a fixed bank or lender. They are also not part of Echt Makelaars & Taxateurs† You can therefore rely on honest, objective and well-founded advice. The advantage for you is that we have already made a selection of competent, professional mortgage advisers. So you know for sure that you end up with a good party. That saves you searching again.

We are also happy to put you in touch with the right advisor for matters such as transferring the mortgage, lowering the mortgage interest rate or for less pleasant matters such as a divorce. We do this free of charge and free of charge, even if you are not a customer of ours. We may be able to be of service to you as a broker or appraiser at a later date.

"Mortgage advice in Alkmaar"

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