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Heerhugowaard: surprisingly affordable living in this cozy city

Heerhugowaard is located in the North Holland polder. Surrounded by small villages such as Sint Pancras and Broek op Langedijk, Heerhugowaard managed to grow into a modern, cozy small town. You will find modern facilities and special sustainability projects. At the same time, the city is surrounded by meadows, parks and the beautiful ring dike.

The city center of Heerhugowaard

In the center of Heerhugowaard you will find the city center: a modern, indoor shopping center with no fewer than 150 shops. From large supermarkets to local fresh produce suppliers, fashion chains, beauty shops and delicatessens, you can go here for all your daily and luxury purchases. There is also a wide range of catering establishments, whether you want a cup of coffee with cake or a nice dinner.

You can even go there for culture and entertainment. Take music lessons or go bowling with your friends for an evening. Prefer to relax? Then you dive into the library for a good book, or go to a movie in the Vue cinema.

This shopping center is really fully equipped. And thanks to its central location, it is easily accessible for all Heerhugowaard people.

Nature in Heerhugowaard

Heerhugowaard has its origins as a polder village. Traditionally, much attention was paid to space and greenery in the area. You can see that clearly today. There are beautiful walking and cycling routes in the immediate vicinity. The city is therefore an ideal base for residents who like to seek out the tranquility of the polder.

One of the most famous nature reserves in Heerhugowaard is the Park of Luna. This area, of 180 ha, consists of lawns, water features, forest and even a beach. It is the hotspot in the summer for everyone who wants to enjoy the summer weather. If you are sporty, you can also go canoeing, mountain biking or surfing here.

Do you prefer to look for peace and quiet? Then the various cycling and walking routes in the area are for you. For example, the Stolpen route, a bike ride along old farmhouses, or the Heerhugopad walking route that takes you past beautiful hidden spots.

City of the Sun

It is the most famous district of Heerhugowaard: the City of the Sun. This new housing development from 2009 consists of almost 3000 homes, right next to the Park of Luna. What makes this district so special is that it is completely energy neutral: just as much energy is generated as it is consumed. It is even the largest energy neutral district in the world.

This is the perfect residential location for anyone who consciously wants to live sustainably. And with a large recreational area next door, you can fully enjoy the greenery.

Living in Heerhugowaard

Despite the favorable location and the modern city center, the homes in Heerhugowaard are still surprisingly affordable. It is cheaper to live there than in neighboring Alkmaar.

There is something for everyone in the housing offer. The city has family homes of varying types: from cozy 70s courtyards to sleek, modern new-build homes. Starters are well served in the nice apartments, which are often located near the center. And are you looking for your dream villa? Heerhugowaard has several hidden gems.

What makes the city so pleasant is that the housing supply is very mixed. In many neighborhoods there are both cozy terraced houses and beautiful detached houses. Whichever part of the city you choose, you will undoubtedly feel at home quickly.

Heerhugowaard: something for you?

Do you see yourself living in this nice city? ECHT Makelaars is happy to help you find the perfect home for your living needs. Are you curious about our housing offer? Contact us, we will be happy to tell you more.

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