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Living by the water

Living by the water, something for you?

Is living by the water something for you? A boat in your backyard, enjoying the beautiful view and the rippling water. Maybe you secretly dream of a luxurious canal house, cozy dike house or spacious new house on the water. And in the Alkmaar area you have plenty of choice. But what are the benefits of living by the water? And are there also less pleasant sides?

You never get bored

There is always something to do on the water. Do you like to be active? Then you can enjoy a bit of sailing in your own boat, a round of supping or canoeing. In the summer you can take a refreshing dip. And in the winter you might even be able to go ice skating.

But even if you prefer to take it easy, living by the water is ideal. Do you live near recreational water? Then it is always fun, especially when the sun is shining. On calm water you can fully enjoy all the birds, insects and other aquatic animals that show themselves. If you live on a lake or large pond, you also have a beautiful wide view.

You are always close to nature

With a house on the water, nature is always close by. Even in city canals you will find birds, fish, insects and sometimes even special animals such as otters. And ditches, canals and lakes often provide homes for hundreds of plant and animal species – all for you to enjoy.

Did you know that living by the water is also good for your health? The soft chatter and calm view provide relaxation and reduce stress. Also nice: people with hay fever are less bothered by pollen. That's a nice bonus!

Are there also disadvantages of living on the water?

Perhaps you have doubts about a house on the water. It sounds idyllic: unobstructed views, always water fun and beautiful birds in your backyard. But unfortunately, there are also drawbacks.

Busy recreational water
It is always pleasant in summer at recreational water, but also busy. A boat parade past your house or tourists that just dock at your place, it can happen.

Annoying critters
One word: mosquitoes. With a house on the water, good screens are a necessity, and they are even more difficult to keep outside. Other flying insects also like to be around water. And that in turn attracts spiders. Oh, and those beautiful waterfowl? They not only poop in the water, but also on your garden furniture.

Additional maintenance
A house on the water is more vulnerable to wind and rain. With a muddy bottom you also run a higher risk of subsidence. And when it rains heavily, you can even experience flooding. As a home owner, you are also sometimes responsible for maintenance of the waterfront. In your spare time you can fish plastic out of the water and mow the ditch side.

Living by the water in Alkmaar

Don't the disadvantages scare you? Then living on the water might be ideal for you. You can indulge yourself in Alkmaar and the surrounding area, because with many canals, lakes, lakes and canals, there is always a home that suits you. Centrally located in the city centre, in the countryside, a beautiful new-build project or even on a houseboat: there is plenty of choice.

Can you see yourself sitting there already? Then we are happy to help you find your dream home on the water. Look what we like purchase broker can do for you.